HYSEK - COLOSSALA MONUMENTAL FEATHysek's aim ended up being to produce a 100% in-house Grand Complication watch. They've got reached their goal beyond all expectations by having an unusual display with 10 time indications.Colossal! This can be the name with the watch, plus the first word that springs in your thoughts you may notice this incredible timepiece. You happen to be first surprised by the impressive height and width of the rose gold case: 57mm long omega copy , 44mm wide and 18mm thick! Then, as you check out the new watch made by Hysek, the highly complex mechanical architecture leaves you speechless. The lack of a dial produces a three-dimensional immersion to a movement with over 1,000 components. The seven revolving cylinders catch the interest. Three are placed at 12 o'clock including a jumping hour and dragging minute functions watch breitling . This linear display can be a feat alone and has a patented pending. A few other cylinders at 6 o'clock are dedicated to the jumping perpetual calendar, with day, date and month. In the center , a three-dimensional moon phase also attracts a person's eye. The Moon has limitations inside a dome that rotates 360° in 29.5 days.The self-winding movement also features other complications. Leap years are shown on the disc at 3 o'clock. A second time zone is shown on another disc at 9 o'clock. A power-reserve indicator (45 hours) and day/night season indicator can be found for the sides of the case. Finally, the Colossal is controlled by the flying tourbillon which might be seen throughout the sapphire glass if you turn the watch over.The force was required to run each one of these complications simultaneously may be the work associated with an offset, platinum micro-rotor and 2 barrels set side by side. The Colossal comes in a small edition of 8 pieces.Price: watches On request hysek.comBy Dan Diaconu replica buy new rolex online watches
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